Health Theory

Health Theory

Health Theory

The company complies strictly with laws and regulations and relevant requirements in the process of productive operations and work activities which can only be carried out under the premise of the personal and environmental safety. Also the company is committed to the continuous improvement of the workplace environment, the reduction, elimination and control of risks related to work activities; besides, with the collective participation of the staff members, Leache Chem makes vigorous efforts to environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, and prevents occupational health and safety accidents and relevant losses and implements effectively its social responsibilities.


Environmental protection and occupational safety are always regarded by the company as one of the priorities for the production and business activities; the company management and grassroots staff members will constantly struggle for the improvement of EHS management level.We will strictly comply with the national laws, regulations and relevant criteria in a responsible manner to create a healthy, safe and harmonious environment.We will appropriately identify, detect and assess risks of work activities that may pose adverse impacts on the staff, the contractors or the public so as to control hazards and reduce the health and safety risks to a minimum by taking adequate protective measures or programs; also we will be dedicated to environmental protection to minimize the negative impacts of the operation and work execution on the environment.


In the case of emergency, a rapid, effective and prudentresponse will be made to deal with the accident through active cooperationwith the industry organizations and governmental organs.

EHS awareness of the employees and EHS management level of the company will be improved by offering EHS professional training to the staff members and implementing and supervising EHS activities.

EHS management system will be actively implemented and perfected to achieve constant improvement of EHS management.

Above commitments are applicable to all staff members, suppliers and contractors of Leache Chem worldwide andall other persons related to the company’s project operation.