DG chemical “2- bromothiophene” Ach

Recently, after the inspection by China Inspection and Quarantine Handan branch, 8 barrels of /2.4 tons of dangerous chemicals “2- bromothiophene” produced by Leache Chem Environtech Co.,Ltd successfully exported to India. It is understood, this is the first export of this products in Hebei province.

“2- bromothiophene” is a colorless transparent liquid, the CAS No.: 1003-09-04, material classification: the acute toxicity of flammable liquids of class third, class second (oral), severe ocular injury / eye irritation category first, should avoid inhalation, skin contact, eye contact and ingestion. Mainly used for the synthesis of Thiophene pyridine intermediates and clopidogrel.

In order to ensure the smooth export, product safety, CIQ Handan Bureau attaches great importance, firstly, CIQ Handan seriously in accordance with requirements of Quality Inspection Administration Document No. 30 , do a good job in the product identification, safety data sheets for publicity and dangerous label production, and help the enterprises to export products. Secondly, CIQ Handan sent two inspection personnel to go the enterprise on-site explained dangerous goods regulations and standards, went deeply into workshop, warehouse and other places, the active investigating the potential security risks, given rectification requirements,to ensure product quality safety, production safety, storage and handling safety. Thirdly, CIQ Handan provided convenient conditions for enterprises to test the customs clearance, inspection in a timely manner in accordance with the relevant procedures for enterprises export after the inspection, gained a favorable high comment from the enterprise.

Post time: Dec-07-2020