Market Opportunity Study:Pool Chemial market

Created on:2020-12-07 18:10

Numberof swimming pools is expected to grow at a compound rate of 8% from 2015 to2017, residential pools in high-end apartment complexes and public pools in high-endfitness clubs will contribute most to the growth.

In 2014, Sodium Hypochlorite dominated China's pool chemical market with 55%share. Trichlor and Dichlor will be increasingly used in the next years, asupcoming new policy changes and increased public awareness on health favor the use of chemical withhigher stability and disinfection effectiveness.

Biolab should mainly target high-end residential pools and highend fitnessclub pools, which grow fast and also have relatively high demand on betterchemical (such as Trichlor) and paid pool water treatment service.

The ideal product and services for the target pools are Trichlor with feeder,water testing and adjustment as well as water cleaning consulting services.Biolab is recommended to distribute products and services via sales agents.Partnerships with regulators are also crucial as it will help Biolab to have aneasier access to clients.

Post time: Dec-07-2020